Five-inch long thumb takes off the internet

Five-inch long thumb takes off the internet

Five-inch long thumb takes off the internet

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A 20year old from Massachusetts has become an internet hit after the display off his shockingly-long five-inch thumb. Jacob Pina, from West Port, Massachusetts, shared a video on music app TikTok in which he boasted that he had ‘never lost a thumb battle’. His video shows the almost-comical length of his thumb as he explains: ‘yes, it’s real’. The video starts by showing his clenched fist with only his thumb sticking outwards.

The 20-year-old pronounced he has no idea why his thumb is so out of proportion with the rest of his hand but he has embraced it and loves showing it off using it to startle people online. He said: ‘There is no reason, it’s so big just an anomaly. He then jokingly uses his thumb to swipe a water bottle off of his table.

His elongated number has also fast warranted him an online following. Pina has gained some-more than 145,000 supporters on song video origination app TikTok by phenomenon his thumb. One of the videos was peoples favourite with dual million views.

‘When people see my thumb, they freak out and measure it next to their own thumb, I feel great about it’ he says.

In a world of comparing and competing, Pino becomes an idol not for his unusual long thump, but for his ability to accept the difference and most importantly for embracing his own essence.

Kudos kid!

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