Football and other sporting events in Spain will be held behind closed doors says Madrid mayor

Football matches and other sports events in Spain will take place in empty venues at least until the end of the summer, the mayor of Madrid announced on Saturday.

Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida told Onda Cero radio station that the coronavirus pandemic likely ‘won’t be under control’ by that time for events with big crowds to resume normally.

‘In the spring and summer there won’t be any events with crowds in Spain, and possibly not in the fall either,’ Martinez-Almeida said.

‘Football matches without fans in the summer is a possibility, as long as health and safety conditions are observed,’ Martinez-Almeida said.

The football federation said this week that if the league can’t resume it will use the current standings to decide the four clubs to play in the Champions League, which would mean giving the spots to Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sevilla and Real Sociedad.

The league has said the total losses for not finishing the season because of the pandemic could reach nearly £879million.

The losses if the league resumes with matches in empty stadiums would be about £260m, and if it restarts with fans it would be nearly £130m.

Martinez-Almeida also said it was a ‘mistake’ for Atletico Madrid fans to be in attendance for their Champions League game against Liverpool.

Nearly 3,000 Atletico fans attended the game on March 11, just days before the Spanish government declared a state of emergency and established lockdown measures that are expected to remain in place at least until April 26.

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