Furniture farm!!


If you are a person who is addicted to getting furniture of aesthetic designs’ from skilled workers, then this is something you gotta know.

A couple from England provides you with an option of getting aesthetically designed completely sustainable furniture to decorate your home.

Wondering how?

Gavin and Alice Munro of England harvest trees which they train to grow into chairs in their furniture farm in Derbyshire. They nurture around 250 chairs, 100 lamps, and 50 tables.

“The idea is to grow the tree into the shape that you want directly instead of force-growing it for 50 years and then cutting it down and making it into smaller and smaller bits. It’s a kind of zen 3D printing,” says Gavin, the founder.

Gavin got inspired from his young age when he spotted an overgrown bonsai tree that looked like a chair. His childhood times with a curved spine wearing a metal frame to reset his back formed the base for training the trees.

“The (medical) staff were just brilliant. The nurses, the doctors, they would kind of combine kindness and competence with my curved spine really impressed me. I wanted to combine that care and competence and hopefully this is what we’re doing here,” he added.

The couple has learned to guide shoots already heading in the right direction, rather than forcing shoots the wrong way against their will.

The Chairs which takes six to nine years to grow and another year to dry out sell for $12,480 which amounts to INR8,82,000. The longest commission the company has is for 2030 which is a chair for a customer’s retirement.

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