Girl kills boyfriend by zipping him in suitcase

Girl kills boyfriend by zipping him in suitcase

Girl kills boyfriend by zipping him in suitcase

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A woman in Florida has been arrested for killing her boyfriend after she allegedly zipped him into a suitcase and left him there for hours.

Sarah Boone, 42, called authorities Monday afternoon to report that her 42-year-old boyfriend, Jorge Torres Jr, was dead at her Winter Park home. Boone said they were playing hide-and-seek, when the couple thought it would be fun if Jorge got in the suitcase and Boone zipped him inside.

Boone said they had been drinking alcohol that night, so after zipping her boyfriend, she went upstairs and passed out in her bed. Boone said she woke up around 11 a.m. when her phone rang multiple times.

When Boone went downstairs and didn’t see her boyfriend anywhere, she realized that he was possibly still inside the suitcase. Boone unzipped the suitcase and found Torres unresponsive.

When deputies responded to her 911 call, Torres was found lying by the front door near a blue suitcase, the affidavit said. He had a small laceration on his lip and apparent bruising around his eye. Torres was declared dead around 1 p.m.

As authorities investigated, they recovered video from Boone’s phone in which Torres was repeatedly yelling out Boone’s name. Torres was seen on the video pushing on the suitcase, trying to escape.

In that video, Boone was seen yelling at Torres that she has zipped him for everything he had done to her.

Torres repeatedly calls out his girlfriend’s name, and tells her that he can’t breathe, for which Boone replies, “That’s what I felt like when you cheated on me”.

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