Global Economic Partnership launched in New York

America-Africa-India trilateral business initiative

New York, Sep 28:

US India SME Council (USISME Council)) based in Washington D.C., and Africa-India Economic Foundation (AIEF) based in Mumbai India, launched a new global initiative in New York. This Strategic Economic Development Partnership was launched with the sole objective of bringing America, Africa and India together by integrating and developing close business relationship, technology and commercial links between the private sectors and micro, small and medium enterprises. 

During the kickoff of this initiative, MoU was signed between USISMECouncil and AIEF in the presence of the Chief Guest and Keynote speaker, Dr. Abdulla Shahid, President of United Nations General Assembly. Several other diplomats of African continent participated and spoke. The MoU was signed by G Rathinavelu, Chairman and Co-Founder AIEF and Elisha Pulivarti, CEO of USISME Council.

The United States has more than 32 million, Africa continent 50 million and India 63 million small-medium enterprises creating more than 70 per cent employment and 55 per cent of the GDP.  Representatives from 35 Africa countries and 35 business entrepreneur’s attended the historic event at Armenian Hall, New York.

During the launch of partnerships, UN President Abdulla Shahid highlighted the importance of micro, small and medium businesses enterprises. MSMEs are the bedrocks of any economy contributing to employment, sustainable development, and poverty alleviation.

It is in the spirit of strengthening these partnerships that the USA-Africa-India SMEs B2B collaboration is being launched. This exciting new initiative will increase linkages between businesses, especially small business entities, throughout Africa, India, and the United States.

In doing so, it will directly impact communities on the ground across all three of these commercially dynamic regions.

Small businesses are the backbone of our nation’s economy and for innovation and job creation. Small businesses are vital to America, Africa, and Asia for innovation, resilient, job creation and prosperity. Small and medium sized businesses are often the engine and the life blood of economies. Small and medium sized businesses are building blocks for Africa and Asia, especially to India, an official press release said.

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