Global impact at a glance

Japan curfew

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is planning to declare a state of emergency in the country on Wednesday to contain a rapid spread of COVID-19, the Kyodo news agency reported on Monday, citing a government official.

Japan has registered 4,563 COVID-19 cases as of Sunday, 104 of which are fatal. Tokyo alone confirmed 143 new infections on Sunday, bringing the capital’s total to 1,033.

EU shaken

As Spain becomes Europe’s most infected country, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has sent a forceful message to Brussels, warning that the European Union will fail if it gets its handling of the Covid-19 crisis wrong.

Europe must build a wartime economy and promote European resistance, reconstruction and recovery. It must start doing so as soon as possible with measures to support the public debt that many states, including Spain, are taking on,” he wrote.

Sanchez called on the 27-member union to create a debt mutualization mechanism to purchase essential medical supplies as a single bloc, establish coordinated cybersecurity strategies, and to create an emergency plan to ensure that the continent can bounce back from the pandemic.

Moscow nears 4,000

Moscow, Russia’s worst affected city during the current Covid-19 pandemic and all restrictions imposed in the Russian capital will stay in force until May 1. The capital reported more than 500 new cases on Sunday from a national total of 658.

It means the overall number of confirmed infections in the capital is now 3,893, up by 536, and more than two-thirds of Russia’s nationwide tally of 5,389 and has recorded 45 deaths.


Malaysia’s Health Ministry has detected a cluster stemming from an individual with a travel history to Italy.From that cluster, about 37 people tested Covid-19 positive and there were five related deaths.. and one critical case in the intensive care unit,” he revealed.

There were 179 new Covid-19 cases reported on Sunday (April 5), bringing the total to 3,662.

Receding in SKorea?

South Korea reported 47 new cases of the novel coronavirus Monday, down from 81 new cases a day earlier, bringing the nation’s total infections to 10,284 and marking the fewest daily infections since late February.

Solace to Hanoi

For the second morning in a row, no new cases of COVID-19 have been detected in Vietnam. People who were previously in quarantine are now heading back home from various medical centres in Hanoi.

There are 67,273 people currently in quarantine. Among these, 1,277 people are being monitored at hospitals, 23,922 people are quarantined at centres or other establishments and 42,004 are self-quarantined at home.

Indonesia worried

A recent study by the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency reveals that the high temperatures and humidity of Indonesia can, in fact, help curb the spread of COVID-19, but high mobility and extensive social interaction are likely to increase the spread of the virus.

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