Good turnout in Wisconsin primary election

Madison , Apr 8:

Despite federal health recommendations, thousands of Wisconsin voters waited hours in long lines outside overcrowded polling stations on Tuesday so they could participate in a presidential primary election that tested the limits of electoral politics in the midst of a pandemic.

Thousands more stayed home, unwilling to risk their health even as Republican officials pushed forward with the election amid a stay-at-home order. But many of the potential voters who remained in their homes complained that the absentee ballots they had requested never showed up.

Pregnant and infected with the coronavirus, 34-year-old Hannah Gleeson was still waiting Tuesday for the absentee ballot that she requested last week.

It seems really unfair and undemocratic and unconstitutional, said Gleeson, who works at an assisted-living center in Milwaukee. The chaos in a premiere general-election battleground underscored the lengths to which the coronavirus outbreak has upended politics as Democrats seek a nominee to take on President Donald Trump.was to vote in person. He blamed the Republican-controlled state legislature.

Wisconsin has reported more than 2,500 coronavirus infections and 92 related deaths 49 of them in Milwaukee County, where the voting lines were longest.

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