Gorgeous Guam!

Gorgeous Guam!

Gorgeous Guam!

Island of Guam is an enchanting tropical paradise which is graced with gorgeous beaches, rich history and heritage, amazing parks, breathtaking waterfalls, and incredible flora and fauna. You can find this island territory in Micronesia, and it comes under the USA. So, if you are planning to visit this stunning Guam Island territory in your coming vacations, then you need to have a list of wonderful tourist attractions to explore.

Guam Pacific War Museum

World War 2 played a key role in the development and changing the scenario of Guam. In fact, Guam got a new shape and spirit after the massacre of the World War 2. So, it is really important for the country to memorialize its history and also pass this knowledge to the net generations. It is a small but amazing museum telling the tales of the history. The museum hosts hundreds of historical drawing, photos and other memories for the tourists.

Magic show at Encore

Encore! is one of Guam’s most beloved attractions. Staring the magician Anthony Reed, circus artist Ian Faraonel, and a white lion named Rio, the show is held in a theater at the Fiesta Resort and has received rave reviews since its opening in 2016.

Tarzan Falls

If you like hiking, it’s the best place to visit. Both the tourists and locals love this place. Guided tours are available but it’s better to go on your own. There are well-marked trails and you can easily reach the spot where the waterfall lies. In fact, there are several places where the waterfall drops and in the same way, you can get into the water at any place of your choice. The main pool is quite large and deep, ideal for swimmers.

Sample street food at Chamorro Village

Although the market in Chamorro Village is open every day, it truly comes alive on Wednesday nights. Eat local delicacies (like honey-drizzled banana egg rolls, or chicken or pork BBQ-on-a-stick), pick up some souvenirs, and watch traditional dances.

Go scuba diving

Guam’s technicolor coral reefs will give scuba divers an awe-inspiring glimpse into an alternate universe below the surface of the water, but history buffs also have something to dive for: the wrecks of German ship SMS Cormoran, and the wreck of the Japanese ship Tokai Maru, which were sunk by the U.S. Navy in World War I and II, respectively. The two ships are close enough for divers to touch at the same time.

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