Gracious Gabon!

Gracious Gabon!

Gracious Gabon!

Gabon, a country along the Atlantic coast of Central Africa, has significant areas of protected parkland. The forested coastal terrain of its famed Loango National Park shelters a diversity of wildlife, from gorillas and hippos to whales. Lopé National Park consists of mostly rainforest. Akanda National Park is known for its mangroves and tidal beaches.


Libreville, which means a ‘Freetown’, is popular as the capital of Gabon and comprises about one third popular of the country. You can find here clean streets, incredible restaurants, paved roads, and spectacular gates communities. Eye-catching coastline of the country offers you an amazing view. Don’t miss shopping at fabulous markets in Liberville. Also, make it a point to pay visit to the National Museum, L’Eglise St. Michael Cathedral, the Presidential Palace, and many other worth-visiting places.


The crown jewel in the 13 national park system is undoubtedly Loango. One of Africa’s best safari experiences is waiting for you here. The park has lush landscape and fantastic wildlife. You’ll find almost 200 kilometres of uninhabited shoreline, making Loango one of the last fully wild coastal areas. The park has forest, lagoons, wetlands, and savannahs.In addition to the famous surfing hippos captured by a National Geographic crew in 2004, you’ll see gorillas, elephants walking along the beach, whales, dolphins, buffalo, and more.This is one of the last places on Earth where these animals have access to the sea.

Fernan Vaz Lagoon

Fernan Vaz Lagoon is the hotspot in the spectacular Ogooué maritime area in Gabon. This area is involved in several conservation efforts. You can find a sanctuary and gorilla rehabilitation on the Gorilla Island here. You can find here fabulous Mission Saint Anne which is well-known for being constructed in 19th century. This church features a rusty red in color that makes it appear beautiful to the visitors. Watch outstanding views of forests and beaches as you walk on the area near the Fernan Vaz Lagoon.


Lastoursville is well known by the name Lozo among the locals. This sleepy little town stands on the banks of the Ogooué River. This town itself is not extraordinary but its neighboring areas are amazing. First, come nature hikes out to Boundji Waterfalls – wonderful and peaceful. The topmost fascination is indisputably the caves near Lastoursville – just an hour’s walk from the center of the town. They were entitled as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. The latest expeditions have listed over three miles of unknown subterranean cave.

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