Granada, Moorish jewel of spain

Granada,  Moorish jewel of spain

Granada, Moorish jewel of spain

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Granada, Moorish jewel of spain


Granada of spain is a gritty yet compelling city where serene Islamic architecture and Arab-flavoured street life go hand in hand with history. The city, sprawled at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, was the last stronghold of the Spanish Moors and their legacy which still lies all around from horseshoe arches to the spicy aromas emanating from street stalls, the teahouses of the Albayzin to the historic Arab quarter. The energy of Granada’s streetsfilled with traditional sights leaves an everlasting impression.


The Alhambra is Granada’s love letter to Moorish culture. Set against a backdrop of brooding Sierra Nevada peaks, this fortified palace complex started life as a walled citadel before going on to become the opulent seat of Granada’s Nasrid emirs. This showpiece along with the gorgeous Generalife gardens, form the Alhambra’s great headline act.

Mirador San Nicolas

This is the best place for the classic sunset shots of the Alhambra sprawled along a wooded hilltop with the dark Sierra Nevada mountains looming in the background. It’s a well-known spot, easily accessible with a track which provides a panoramic view of unaltered beauty of Neveda mountains of Granada.

Monasterio de San Jeronimo

This is a 16th-century monastery, complete with cloisters and a lavishly decorated interior, one of Granada’s most stunning Catholic buildings. The church is a mix of late Gothic and Renaissance styling which boasts a profusion of painted sculptures and vivid colours, most spectacularly on the apse’s immense eight-level gilt retable.

Basilica San Juan de Dios

This historic basilica, built between 1737 and 1759, for a blinding display of opulent baroque decor is an epitome of Granada architecture. Barely a square inch of its interior lacks embellishment, most of it in gleaming gold and silver.

Granada the city of ultimate extravaganza sedates the visitors with its architecture and culture and provides a very authentic Spanish experience to look upon everytime in Granada.


Granada has been a melting pot of gastronomic influences strikeing a surprising balance with native traditions.Habas con Jamon is a “to try” dish of Granada made of beans and ham with of blend of past conquerors cuisine and culture of Granada.

Plato Alpujarreno is a typical food in Granada that comes from the mountain villages of Las Alpujarras and it is one of the dishes that the locals love the most. It usually contains potatoes, fried eggs, cured ham, blood sausage , sweet peppers and chorizo making an unbeatable combination.

Tortilla del Sacromonte also called “sacred mountain,” is the Roma quarter of Granada. This is a special omelette one should try. It contains mutton brains, nuts and sometimes Serrano ham or chorizo.

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