Gulab jamun ki sabji

Gulab jamun ki sabji

Gulab jamun ki sabji

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It does not take much time for bizarre things to go viral on social media. And recently, it was a photo of a savoury dish with a dessert name that took the Internet by storm. There have been several instances when people have engaged in heated online discussions over food from pineapple pizza to veg biryani and this time a photo of ‘Gulab Jamun Ki Sabzi’ got everyone talking online.

Yes, you read it right. The photo showed a rich creamy gravy with small gulab jamuns with a tag reading the name of the dish, leaving many baffled. “Every day, I lose my faith in humanity a little more,” wrote the Twitter user who shared the photo on the microblogging site, that quickly garnered a lot of attention online.

Many were freaked out by the combination, as to say how can a sweet be part of the rich tangy gravy.

But fret not. It’s not a main course dish made with the popular desi sweet. Many people took to social media to clarify that.

India is a land of various cultures and languages and each region has its own rich heritage. And this dish what may be unknown to many is a delicacy in Rajasthani cuisine. Yes, a popular and regal dish, hailing from Jodhpur, the Gulab Jamun is deep-fried but not put in a sugar syrup, instead, it’s put in gravy. Yes, the unsweetened koftas or paneer dumplings are simmered in a spicy yoghurt sauce. Basically, not a new dish but a heritage recipe where the jamuns are just dumplings that absorb other flavours.

Many people schooled those criticising the dish over their ignorance. Some argued saying it should have been called malai paneer koftas to avoid such confusion in the first place.

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