Hansika becomes first south actress to get her own GIFs

To those on social media, the best thing that has happened to humankind since emojis are GIFs. Looks like Hansika thought so, too, and she has now got her own set of GIFs. The actress is said to be the first south actress to have her own set of exclusive GIFs on social platform.

“I like interacting through expressions and I love using GIFs. So, my team said I should think of having my own GIFs,” says Hansika, “We’ve been working on it for four months now. Until yesterday, about 270 of the GIFs have been uploaded and we’ve got over 53.5mn views.”

My team worked together with an online GIF database on this. It might look easy, but the minute you are in front of the camera, you don’t know where to start and what to do,” she says, “I was shooting for two films in Hyderabad at that time and allocated half a day to shoot these GIFs. There are certain regulations, like you have to wear a particular dress because not all colours are allowed. You have to follow the mood board. They had come with certain suggestions and I had my own ideas, too. For example, I wanted to have GIFs for Happy Birthday, New Year, Ganesh Chaturthi, Good Morning, Wake Up and even Darling from the song Darling Dambakku (Maan Karate) because that step is so famous.”

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