Hobart, the hub of hospitality

Hobart, the hub of hospitality

Hobart, the hub of hospitality

Hobart is the most southern city in Australia located on the island state of Tasmania. Whether you’re enticed by the warm southern hospitality, the stunning landscapes, the need to breathe some of the worlds cleanest air or the promise of incredibly fresh and creatively prepared local produce, you need to experience Hobart.

Mount Wellington

Often dusted with snow, even in summer, 1,270-meter-high kunanyi / Mount Wellington undulates to the west of Hobart like a gentle slumbering giant, hinting at the rugged wilderness that lies beyond this cultured capital. A narrow 21-kilometer mountain road winds its way up to the summit from the Huon Highway through temperate rain forest and subalpine scenery. At the Pinnacle, you can browse old photographs in the observation shelter and enjoy breathtaking views over the city, the sea, and the stunning World Heritage wilderness in the distance.

MONA the Museum of Old and New Art

Whether you are an art lover or an occasional gallery visitor MONA has become a part of the Hobart landscape. You really do need to make the trip out if only for the great location, design and impressive views. With some excellent restaurants and fabulous modern architecture, it’s a destination as much as an art collection. MONA is a high technology gallery, none of the exhibits have labels or information sheets. Instead, you are given a device that’s a similar size to your phone with headphones to get information on each display.

Port Arthur

The brutal penal colony history of World Heritage-listed Port Arthur, 95 kilometers southeast of Hobart, seems strangely at odds with its stunning location on the tip of the Tasman Peninsular. In 1830, Governor Sir George Arthur founded this settlement where Tasmania’s most infamous convicts were sentenced to backbreaking labor. Today, Port Arthur is one of Tasmania’s top tourist sites and a poignant reminder of the hardships of convict life. You can tour the guard tower, sandstone church, hospital, prison, and museum.

Farm Gate Markets

Existing on a smaller scale than Salamanca, the Farm Gate Markets are held every Sunday morning and distinguish themselves by being only open to local producers. An inner city street is closed off to host them and set up with some seating and live music to add to the atmosphere. We only bought a few things but what we had was delicious, I’m still raving about how succulent the locally caught octopus was although perhaps it was a little early to wash it down with the ouzo shot.

Famous Food


Tasmania is famous for the quality of its butter, and Fudgey takes this superb ingredient and blends it with chocolate to make one of the island’s most indulgent and delicious treats. Witness the masters at work in the Eaglehawk Neck store before indulging.

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