Hockey legend Balbir dies

Hockey legend Balbir dies

Hockey legend Balbir dies

Chandigarh, May 25:

One of India’s greatest hockey players, Balbir Singh Sr, died at a hospital here after battling multiple health issues for over two weeks.

One of the country’s most accomplished athletes, the iconic centre-forward was the only Indian among 16 legends chosen by the International Olympic Committee across modern Olympic history. His world record for most goals scored by an individual in the men’s hockey final of the Olympics still remains unbeaten.

The legend was 96 and is survived by his daughter Sushbir and three sons Kanwalbir, Karanbir, and Gurbir.

His maternal grandson Kabir later sent out a message stating, “Nanaji passed away this morning.” The three-time Olympic gold medallist was in a semi-comatose state since May 18 and had developed a blood clot in his brain after being first admitted to the hospital for bronchial pneumonia with high fever.

He was hospitalised after experiencing high fever and suffered three cardiac arrests during the course of his treatment.

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