Home-stay is where the heart is

Home-stay is where the  heart is

Home-stay is where the heart is

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The word home brings in a feeling of un-denying comfort. It evokes the sentiment of belonging, of love and of pleasure. Since our childhood, we have been on vacations with parents, then we were too young to understand the concept. As we grew up, we grasped the charm of setting out on a voyage in better ways. And for most of the time, we resided in hotels and resorts. Little did we know that there is a whole other option there, which is cheaper, safer and much more comfortable.
Home-stays are hands down better than hotels. Visitors sleep at the residence of a local of the city to which they are traveling. Homestays are examples of collaborative consumption and sharing.
A survey by Yatra, an online travel portal said, 68% of Indians were planning to travel this summer, of which, more than half were looking to visit a destination within the country. Budget travel has emerged as the most popular choice with close to “45% of respondents willing to spend only ₹10,000 – 25,000 on their holidays. 43% of them indicated a preference to spare only ₹1,000-2,500 per night on hotel accommodation,” the survey noted. With pockets determining the itinerary, budget options like homestays have become a popular choice for close to 15% of the respondents.
Reasons why you should choose a homestay:
A home-stay is after all someone’s home
This is the biggest reason for why someone would opt a homestay. The emotional quotient.
You get authentic home cooked food
Eat what the local population eats on a regular basis. Or
As Indians where ever we are, we like a little taste of home. Though you may not find hotels serving Indian food, you could always find an Indian family offering stay. This way you get to eat food they cook at home or you will get option to self-cook.
You don’t feel like a loner in a new place
It’s more like visiting an acquaintance from another community and culture. Also, you’re actually living in luxury. You don’t need to do any cleaning or cooking and you get your privacy too. Therefore, it gives the comfort of both a hotel and a home.
Home stays are cheaper and more valuable
Hotels can get pretty darn expensive and if they’re the low-priced ones, they are usually not too clean and hygienic. Hotels tend to be highly professional with high-end managers, reception desks and too many visitors. If you are not feeling well, the lady of the house would give you hot turmeric milk. If you need some tailored adjustments in the stuff you like to eat, it’s easy to work that out. You are treated as guests, not as clients.

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