Hongqi L-5 special car manufactured exclusively for Xi

Hongqi L-5 special car manufactured exclusively for Xi

Hongqi L-5 special car manufactured exclusively for Xi

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Chennai, Oct 12:

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his entourage who arrived from China on Friday, have travelled from the Meenambakkam airport in four bullet proof cars, which were brought through special planes, a few days ago from China.

The FAW Group Corporation is Chinese State-owned automotive manufacturing company, is producing the Hongqi L-5 cars only for the usage of the Chinese President.

In the Chinese language Hongqi has been referred as the red-flag and the car has been priced at more than $8 lakh dollars in the US currency, approximately estimated as Rs 5.60 crore. The total weight of the each car has been said as 3150 kilograms with a length of 20-ft and 2-meter breadth with a speeding capacity of 100 kms per 10 seconds. According to sources, the car could be used with the aid of petrol or gas and the car could cross more than 500 miles by filling up the petrol tank for a single time.

The Hongqi has additional facility for communication to contact with any leaders of any nation. The car has four doors and is able to withstand against bullet-attacks or even if the attacks are made with missiles.

The car has the facility to attack enemies with missiles and guns attached to it. Since, the Hongqi has been specially manufactured for the President, the details and availibity of other features have been secretly guarded, sources said.

The President and its entourage when moving between locations will travel in the bullet-proof car. The President has been accompanied by his personal bodyguards and a full motorcade.

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