Horse plays dead every time someone tries to ride him

Why should humans have all the fun??? Here is a horse who is all set to challenge even the greatest actor in this world by acting dead every time someone tries to ride on him.

Every time someone tries to ride him he appears to give up the ghost and drops to the floor pretending to be dead. Jingang has got the death trick down so well that he even loosens his tongue and puts his hooves in weird positions to make it look like he can go on no longer. His owners say it happens whenever people get onto the saddle. A man at the ranch who is trying to teach Jingang how to take people for rides around the Korean countryside said that it was ‘cute but naughty.’ He only stays on the ground for a few seconds but the moment anyone starts approaching to get on him again he drops back to the floor. One person who viewed the video said: ‘He’s not lazy, he’s smart. Why carry such a heavy load when you can get away with it.

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