I entered Big Boss house to win people’s heart : Abhirami

I entered Big Boss house to win people’s heart : Abhirami

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Abhirami Venkatachalam has a child-like enthusiasm in her. Even when she speaks about the controversies that happened inside the Bigg Boss Tamil house or while she scrolls through the trolls, Abhirami doesn’t look one bit disappointed. “My favourite time-pass and stress buster right now is to watch the troll videos. They are so much fun and keep me entertained,” she smiles, and adds, “But nothing of this affects me. I know what I am. There have been some abusive comments, but that only shows their upbringing. I don’t really take them to the heart.”

A dancer, who made inroads into the web-series space, Abhirami made her film debut in Vinoth’s Nerkonda Paarvai (NKP). After wrapping up the project, she joined the Bigg Boss Tamil show. Ask her why didn’t she cash in on being a part of the big film, and she says, “I do miss the fact that I wasn’t there with the team or wasn’t present when the film released. But with this show, I knew that I could enter the homes of people every day. The only plan that I had was to reach out to the mass audience. I wasn’t there for the trophy or cash prize; I wanted to win people’s hearts. And I am glad that it happened.” Abhirami says that the risk she took had paid off. “I call myself a butterfly. Similar to its growth, I feel that I too, have become mature, having a better perspective,” she says.

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