Idli vs Rosogolla? The sambar turned spicy for KKR

IPL franchisees: Culinary potpourri of India

A student, a keen watcher of IPL, one day after the match said, “Exams should be like IPL.Timing should be 1 hour, no invigilator in exam hall for first 15 minutes. Cheer Leaders Dance After Every Right Answer, Jai Ho…Jai Ho…Jai Ho IPL.”

On the eve of  the recent IPL final, a cricket connoisseur came up with these catchy lines on WhatsApp, based on the popular food item of the respective cities of the teams. “Rosogolla (Kolkata Knight Riders) and Idli (Chennai Super Kings) will clash in IPL final. Aaloo paratha (Delhi Capitals) tried hard. Beer (Royal Challengers Bangalore) didn’t hv enough fizz. 5 times champion vadapaav (Mumbai Indians) out of the race already. Lassi (Punjab Kings) also couldn’t make it to last 4. Daal baati (Rajasthan Royals) showed some class but were outclassed. Biryani (Sunrisers Hyderabad) remained at the bottom of the menu card.”

The eight franchisee teams in the IPL (next edition it will be 10) apart from symbolising the cultural and linguistic diversity of India also showcase the culinary potpourri of the nation. Thus, the South Indian Idli (normally accompanied with spicy sambar – a form of dal, and coconut chutney) finally ruled the roost. Perhaps the Kolkata Rosogolla found the sambar and chutney too hot handle though their openers seemed to enjoy the curry. CSK’s captain cool M.S. Dhoni or Mahi ensured that his team did not get overcooked in the hot cauldron of UAE. It was swan song of Dhoni. In fact, CSK owner India Cements’ Vice-Chairman and Managing Director, N. Srinivasan (former BCCI boss), has such overwhelming influence on the game that he is considered the Lord Vishnu of cricket in all his 10 glorious avatars.

Coming back to cricket lore, a person named George was always thinking of cricket. Eventually, his exasperated wife said, “You think nothing but cricket. I bet you don’t remember the day we were married.” George promptly replied, “Of course I do. It was the day New Zealand won against Ireland.”

There are many such cricket lore about Chinese and their unique involvement in cricket. A cricket-lover asked, “Why doesn’t China have a cricket team? They eat bats and don’t understand the concept of boundaries.” And another wise cricket connoisseur said, “China should have a cricket team. They can take out the whole world with one bat.” A crazy cricketer was asked, “How does he play cricket?”  He replied, “I play cricket, the way I drive. Hit and run.”

A persom ignorant of cricket, asked a cricketer, “Why are cricket grounds so cool? A quick retort came, “They are full of fans.”

A cricket journalist was asked, “When would an Australian cricketer have 100 runs against his name?” The reply, “When he is bowling.”

A question posed, “What is the difference between Cindrella and the Aussies?” The retort, “Cindrella knew when to leave the ball.”

Some short punches:

  • Why did cricket team stop smoking? They lost all their matches.
  • Saw eleven flies practicing fielding in a saucer earlier. They were playing in the cup at the weekend.
  • A friend of mine is a retired cricket umpire. He doesn’t lift a finger now.
  • Saw a series of insects dancing on a sports field. It was a cricket ball.
  • Who won when the Pencil Cricket club played the Pen Cricket Club? Neither, it was a draw.

Keep smiling, if not laughing!

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