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India got its first Igloo hotel at the beginning of 2017. Back then, two youths from Himachal Pradesh, Vikas Kumar and Tashi Dorje, had decided to build an igloo as an experiment for tourists to stay at. Now, the duo’s Keylinga Himalayan Adventures has built five igloos to host tourists for the fourth season. The entire business is managed by six people, who build the igloos manually, make and transport the food for the guests and cater to the needs of the tourists.

Located a few kilometres from Manali, the frosty hotel in Hamta valley is expected to last till March-end this year, according to Vikas. Keylinga offers night stays as well as day trips to the Igloo camp. The people who opt for night stays get to participate in adventures like skiing and snowboarding and activities like evening bonfire. During the day trip, tourists can take part in adventures like skiing and snowboarding.

Apart from teaching tourists snow adventures, Keylinga also provides them with all meals and hot beverages. All of these meals are prepared at the base and then transported to the camp, everything is done by the six people running the business. Despite being a house of snow, the Igloo is surprisingly warmer than outside air, this is because the ice is a good insulator, so it does not let the heat flow out. The bedding provided in the Igloos along with the body heat of the tourists, make the Igloos 7-8 degrees warmer than the open.

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