Ilaiyaraaja files complaint against Prasad Studios

Music composer Ilaiyaraaja has filed a complaint with the city police against Prasad Studios alleging that his studio inside the premises was wrecked and equipment broken. The complaint has been lodged against Sai Prasad, grandson of LV Prasad, popular actor, director and producer. In the complaint, Ilaiyaraaja stated that the Ilaiyaraaja Recording Theatre was allotted to him as a mark of respect to his work by the legendary LV Prasad, but that things went awry after his grandson Sai Prasad took over the premises. He added that his men had gone on to damage the equipment at his studio.
The statement read, “I have learnt through my circle that the said Mr. Sai Prasad through his men has been removing, stealing and damaging many of my belongings and articles which are worth several crores. Therefore, necessary action to be taken against the miscreants and my belongings to be recovered immediately. Using the cover of this COVID pandemic, Mr. Sai Prasad and his underlings have started destroying/removing/tampering my musical instruments/notes.”

He added, “The late L V Prasad earmarked a specific area and a room and permitted me to possess, enjoy and utilise the property as my own without any hindrances with lock and key. I have invested a significant amount of money in the studio including high-value equipment, musical instruments, hand-written musical notes etc., and installed and used in the recording studio at Prasad Studios for more than two decades. Even after the death of the said Shri L.V. Prasad, my lawful possession and enjoyment of the said property over the past more than 25 years continued without any hindrance and issues due to Mr. Ramesh Prasad, the son of Late Shri. L.V. Prasad. However, the grandson of L VPrasad had in September 2019, unlawfully threatened to disconnect electricity, water and other facilitates to my premises and in the time of the pandemic, some of his henchmen broke open the studio and stole articles belonging to me.”

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