India’s diplomat to the UN Sneha was brilliantly fiery

Meagan Pollock, an international speaker, engineer, teacher rightly wrote, “Brains, brawn and beauty: a winning combo for success.” It testifies to the abilities of a young Indian diplomat Sneha Dubey. She demolished the basic erroneous components of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s thesis on Kashmir and Afghanistan like a pack of cards. It is commendable that a young Indian lady on her maiden assignment in the corridors of the United Nations addressed the august world body like a seasoned diplomat.

In a strong rebuttal, Sneha Dubey, India’s First Secretary at UN, said: “This is the country which is an arsonist disguising itself as a fire-fighter. Pakistan nurtures terrorists in their backyard in the hope that they will only harm their neighbours. Our region, and in fact the entire world, has suffered because of their policies. On the other hand, they are trying to cover up sectarian violence in their country as acts of terror.”

On the issue of the Pakistani Prime Minister raking up the issue of Kashmir, she emphatically added: “The entire Union Territories of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh ‘were, are and will’ always be an integral and inalienable part of India. This includes the areas that are under the illegal occupation of Pakistan. We call upon Pakistan to immediately vacate all areas under its illegal occupation.”

Sneha’s retort to Pakistan was really hard-hitting, “Pakistan holds the ignoble record of hosting the largest number of terrorists proscribed by the UNSC. Osama bin Laden got shelter in Pakistan. Even today, Pakistan leadership glorifies him as a martyr. Pakistan has misused UN platforms to propagate false and malicious propaganda against my country to divert the world’s attention from the sad state of his country where terrorists enjoy free pass while the lives of ordinary people, especially those belonging to the minority communities, are turned upside down.”

As a parting note, the young and energetic diplomat in selected words exposed Pakistani malicious propaganda, and lies, “New Delhi desires normal relations with all our neighbours, including Pakistan, but it is for Islamabad to work sincerely towards creating a conducive atmosphere by taking credible, verifiable and irreversible actions to not allow any territory under its control to be used for cross border terrorism against India in any manner.” It was a convincing and strongly worded response. It was Indian diplomacy at its best to register a win for India at the UN.

The moment Sneha finished her speech at the United Nations; she was widely praised for her power-packed refutation of Imran Khan’s outburst against India. Goa born, Sneha had earlier served as Under Secretary Latin America and Caribbean at home before a stint as India’s third secretary at the Embassy in Madrid, Spain and now first secretary at UN.  She is a 2012 batch of the Indian Foreign Service, who completed her MPhil from the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, graduation from  Fergusson College, Pune.

Her childhood ambition was to join the Indian Foreign Services and passed the civil services examination in her very first attempt in 2011. Her aspiration to join the foreign services was a combination of learning about international affairs, the thrill of discovering new cultures, representing the country, being part of important policy decisions and helping people.

Sneha swung away from the family trait being the first in her family to join the government services. It is different profession to her father’s, who works in a multinational company while her mother is in the teaching profession.

Sneha Dubey carries herself gracefully, standing 5 feet 5 inches and holds 58 kg weight of her athletic body with aplomb. Twitter was agog with adulation for Sneha’s retort with users wholesomely praising her after the video surfaced. One user said, “What a way to shut the mouths of the jokers in Pakistan… every word was so carefully chosen… full of facts… brilliant…”Another said, “India’s women diplomats to the UN are brilliant…”

Rick Riordan, an American author rightly wrote, “Even strength must bow to wisdom sometimes.” Let Imran Khan bow to the wisdom of a lady and listen to her words of wisdom.

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