India’s first garbage cafe!

India’s first garbage cafe!

India’s first garbage cafe!

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Hungry, but don’t have cash? No problem, bring plastic waste and get a free meal. A small restaurant in the eastern city of Ambikapur will provide hearty food to homeless and poor people and encourage citizens to keep their streets clean.

Everybody is welcome to donate plastic. The cafe will be mainly run by women.Single-use plastics are banned in many states, but Indians still generate 26,000 tons of plastic waste every day, according to government data. The waste is often dumped in streets, drains and landfills.The Garbage Cafe, inspired by similar cafes that have opened in countries including Cambodia and Belgium, wants to change that.

In exchange for one kilogram of plastic, the cafe will serve a curry with rice, lentils, and papadams.For half that weight, punters will receive a breakfast of samosas, lentil doughnuts or stuffed flatbreads.

In a similar move earlier this year, a school in northeastern Assam state started providing free schooling to students in exchange for plastic waste.

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