India’s jurassic park in Gujarat!


Gujarat, the state famous for its rich heritage and culture now has a new attraction for tourists, no we are not talking about Statue of Unity, we are talking about the Jurassic park of India.

Gujarat is said to have been a home to dinosaurs in the pre-historic times. It is one of the very few states in our country that has a rich treasure of fossilised remains of dinosaurs. The Forest Department of the State started its plantation and renovation work in the 1970. Also known as India’s Jurassic Park, it is spread in an area of 428 hectares and contains a number of sections like the Dinosaur section, fossil section, etc. From life sized dinosaur statues to fossilised eggs that range from the size of duck eggs to canon balls, palaeontologists suggest that the eggs here are more than 65 million year old.It is believed that the area in and around park could have been the dwelling place of these gigantic creatures.

This atrium features an exact replica of the habitat of different species of dinosaurs. A step in the atrium will transport you 65 million years back. Fascinating enough for a visit, what are you waiting for?

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