Iran is top sponsor of terrorism, says US

United Nations, Aug 7:

The US ambassador to the United Nations called Iran the world’s number one sponsor of terrorism on Thursday and warned Russia and China that they will become co-sponsors if they block a resolution to extend the UN arms embargo on Iran.

Ambassador Kelly Craft said the United States hopes Russia and China will not be co-sponsors of the number one state that sponsors terrorism and will see the importance of peace in the Middle East.

But she said the partnership between Russia and China, not only on backing Iran, is very clear: They’re just going to be promoting chaos, conflict and mayhem outside their borders, so we have to just corner them.

Craft and Brian Hook, the top US envoy for Iran, briefed a group of reporters following Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s announcement Wednesday that the United States will call for a Security Council vote next week on a US-drafted resolution to extend indefinitely the arms embargo that is due to expire Oct. 18.

Hook announced hours later he is stepping down from the post.

The foreign ministers of Russia and China in separate letters to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the Security Council last month were sharply critical of the US effort, and gave every indication they would veto the resolution if it gets the minimum nine yes votes in the 15-member council, which appears unlikely.


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