Japan airlines introduces ‘baby seat map’

Japan airlines introduces ‘baby seat map’

Japan airlines introduces ‘baby seat map’

Not many of us would prefer sitting next to a whailing baby while going on a airplane for a mind relaxing vacation or a mind distrubing meeting. Realising that nobody likes to sit within earshot of a screaming infant, Japan Airlines (JAL) introduced a baby mapping tool on their online booking facility that indicates where toddlers will be seated for passengers to choose their seats accordingly.

The carrier’s website said that when passengers travelling with kids aged between eight days to two years, chose their seat, a baby icon will appear on the seat selected by them. Realising the difficulty of being seated next to a screaming infant, this tool will help passengers chose their seat as per their convenience.

However, the baby icon will not be appearing if one books the ticket from a third party site or belongs to a tour group.

The new feature came to light when traveller Rahat Ahmed shared a picture of the mapping tool on Twitter.”Thank you, @JAL_Official_jp for warnings me about where babies plan to scream and yell during a 13-hour trip. This really ought to be mandatory across the board,” read his tweet.

Another Japanese airline called All Nippon too came up with a baby mapping tool for a while but later discontinued.

Though a number of people took to social media to praise the new feature, others rebuked the feature on the basis of insensitivity and intolerance

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