Jyotika donates Rs 25 lakh to Tanjore government hospital

Actress Jyotika has donated Rs 25 lakh to Tanjore government hospital through Agaram Foundation. The actress not only contributed for medical equipment and beds, but also contributed to the beautification of the pediatric block with colour painting and renovation of the children’s park.

Jyotika had stirred up a hornet’s nest after an old speech of her on the poor maintenance of the Tanjore government hospital went viral. At an awards ceremony . the actress stated that when she visited the hospital for a shoot, she was saddened to see the condition of the hospital. She had compared the maintenance at Brihadeeshwara temple, Tanjore and the state of the hospital and had requested that people donated to the hospital too in equal measure. While many welcomed Jyotika’s speech and actor Suriya stood strong beside his wife, some said that Jyotika’s speech was offensive and insult to Hinduism.

Few days after the issue, venomous snakes were found at the hospital while premises were being cleaned. The district collector had also ordered inspection of the hospital after Jyotika’s speech and the presence of snakes sent shockwaves across Tanjore.


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