kaleidoscopic Kenai!

kaleidoscopic Kenai!

kaleidoscopic Kenai!

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Located within the Kenai Peninsula Borough, the city of Kenai, in the U.S state of Alaska is named after the native word with the meaning of “flat meadow”. The area is popular for having an amazing picturesque landscape which encompasses Alaska’s beauty, as well as holding the world record for salmon fishing. Kenai with its unaltered beauty attracts people of all age and intrest.

Historical guide

The adventure and exploration of this amazing city starts with the Kenai Chamber Of Commerce. Being a site of historic importance it also serves as a place which lends help to tourists identify things to see and do of their own interest in the adventurous city of Kenai. The friendly and knowledgeable staffs here are those familiar with the area, who have been exploring its beauty all their lives. They can direct visitors to the local hotspots for fishing, hiking, wildlife viewing and lot more.

Being had a historical past this pretty Russian Orthodox Church in Kenai holds plenty of it which takes us back to 1800s. The church still holds services to this day, but it is also open for visitors to take a look around its blue domes and neat features which stands as a reminiscent of the Russian architecture and a reminder of the fur traders who worked and settled in Alaska. With a picture-perfect setting neatly surrounded by its own white picket fence the church stands proud reciting its past.

Water a wildlife protector

Kenai beach

Watching the fishers and netters catching fish in the inlets of Kenai beach to spotting wildlife whales, bald eagles and seals makes Kenai beach is an interesting place to visit. When the tide is out the kenai beaches becomes the best places to stroll and to view the rock pools and coastline, as well as the Alaskan Mountains in the distance.

Russian River

The Russian river and waterfall hike is a beautiful location to visit. One can see people fishing for salmon in the river and can also watch the salmon swimming upstream jumping over the rocks. The more adventurous hike of all time is to walk to the waterfalls. But one must be aware that this is bear territory and during the salmon spawning season the bears are also here for fishing. Cresant lake of kenai is also a place where one can enjoy the scenery and the amazing wildlife like beavers, otters, bald eagles and falcons. Kenai river estuary also provide a greenaried wet land views which attracts variety of bird species during April-May. Here we can also see many notable species of birds such as bald eagles, the green-winged teal, sandhill cranes, and the short-eared owl.

Being a town of nature kenai has a cuisine made of fresh seafoods and harvested greens of its own which makes the food an adventurer of taste.

Fishing Tours

Kenai’s fishing tours are the best which allows you to catch fish. If you are new to fishing and would like someone to take you out and show you how it’s done fishing tours will serve. Professional fishermen or women will take you on a tour visiting the top places to catch King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Halibut and Rainbow Trout which is family friendly.

Alaska Berries Wineyard

A certified Alaska grown winery where one can enjoy the vineyard and wine tastings too. The berry wines are totally home made and have a distinctive but not too sweet Alaskan flavour. Along with authentic wine, Alaska Berries also produce jams, cider, syrups and honey too.

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