Kalvi Tholaikatchi TV to reach entire students spectrum

Chennai, Aug 10:

Last month – Tamil Nadu CM has launched the Kalvi Tholaikatchi TV, the first television in the world to be produced by educators and the Kalvi Tholaikatchi TV Online provides lot of benefits for the students during the Covid- 19 pandemic. In this article we have provided all information about Kalvi Tholaikatchi TV Live Today details, Kalvi tv channel number in tata sky, Kalvi Tholaikatchi time table, Kalvi Tholaikatchi com in Tamil, Kalvi Tholaikatchi tv live link, Kalvi Tholaikatchi app download.

To make televised lessons on Kalvi TV more accessible, the School Education Department will telecast lessons for Class 10 in sign language as well .

“We are working with the Department for the Welfare of Differently-Abled Persons to ensure that students with disabilities can also benefit from televised lessons. There are 72 special schools in the State and educators from those institutions will interpret these lessons in sign language, which will be featured as part of the telecast,” said P.A. Naresh, Joint Director of the School Education Department and special officer, Kalvi TV.

The video in sign language will be embedded as a smaller frame and will be simultaneously shown along with the lesson.

The video lessons are being prepared for students of all classes by faculty from the District Institutes of Education and Training (DIETs) as part of the ‘Veetupalli’ or school at home initiative, to ensure that learning continues for students.

Interactive sessions

To give students of Classes 10 and 12 an opportunity to ask questions and clarify doubts, the department also has a dedicated special show on Kalvi TV on Saturdays.

Students can ask doubts, based on the lessons broadcast through the week, by mail or WhatsApp messages and teachers will answer them on the show.


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