‘Kanaa’ emotional, entertaining sports film

Direction: Arunraja Kamaraj
Cast: Aishwarya Rajesh, Sathyaraj, Sivakarthikeyan
Arunraja Kamaraj’s Kanaa is yet another story that goes down this familiar path. But what makes it worth watching is its lead star’s performance – Aishwarya Rajesh.
The actor simply hits it out of the park with her riveting performance, living the role in every frame.
Little Kousalya wants to play cricket to make her father Murugesan (Sathyraj), a farmer, smile. She saw the man weep when India lost a crucial match and she is determined to make India win for his sake.
How this village girl breaks the barriers of gender, economic background, and the society to achieve her dream forms the rest of the screenplay which tackles a much bigger issue than the obvious.
Aishwarya Rajesh as Kousalya is a masterstroke. She scores well in both the emotional scenes as well as the cricketing scenes. The effort put in by her to learn cricket and portray this role translates well on screen.
Sathyaraj, Darshan, Munishkanth and other supporting actors too impress with impactful performances. The movie has a lot of inspiring portions.

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