Karthik’s first Hindi single is on autism

Even though we are slowly getting used to this new normal, there are moments when one feels difficult to cope with. It is even more challenging for people with autism. Singer K Karthik Kumar’s new single, Faryad, has emotions that people like him are going through. The singer, who shot to fame after becoming the first runner-up in SRGMP Seniors Season 2, is excited about his first Hindi single.
Karthik’s mother Raji says, “The song is about piled-up emotions, anxiety and frustration that people with autism go through when their routine activities are disrupted. People with autism more often than not fail to evoke empathy/sympathy as there is no visually perceivable abnormality displayed. We have shot a video of his everyday life for the song.” Asif Iqbal, who works on several projects with special children, has penned the lyrics and the song is composed by Bengali music director Pijush Chakraborty.

Karthik’s mother adds,“We are looking forward to doing more independent projects that will help him establish his credibility as a singer.”

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