Keep your pets safe

Keep your pets safe

Keep your pets safe

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The eve of Holi is a good time for us people to celebrate and rejoice. However amidst all the fun and celebration, one can also give a little consideration to the health of innocent pets and the stray animals. The festival of colors marks the arrival of spring season and this jubilant occasion includes a playing session with gulaal and water balloons. Though we are excited about the prospect of throwing colors on each other, pets and stray animals present outside detest getting hit with these balloons and colors.

Effects of Colors on Pets & Strays

Skin allergies and hair loss : Most dry colors used during Holi contain chemicals like Mercury Sulfate and metal oxides. These are known to induce skin allergies and inflammation in dogs, especially in the short-haired breeds.

Acts as a slow poison: Dogs and cats have a habit of cleaning themselves by licking. While self-grooming, they end up ingesting a lot of the colors we have applied to their body. The colors and dyes contain traces of lead which are slow poisons that can be fatal.

Being aware of some precautionary steps to protect the animals is always beneficial.

Precautions for ensuring Pet Safety

Keep pets away from kids

Putting up notices and posters regarding the dangers of the colors in pets can save a lot of dogs and cats from being colored. You can also ask the colony guards to keep an eye on the strays during the day of the celebration. Teaching kids in your locality not to throw the water balloons and powders at strays is also a good preventive measure.

Keep your pet indoors

Keeping your pet dogs and cats inside your house during the celebration is the best way to prevent them from being hit by the colored powders and water balloons.

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