KGF, a gangster drama

KGF is a gangster drama which revolves around the underworld and highlights how the ambitious Rocky desires to become the richest and most powerful man in Mumbai.
On paper, there is nothing fresh or new about the story. The film has a story that been told numerous times in the past but KGF manages to make an impact because of some flawless writing and brilliant execution.
The first half is dedicated towards establishing Yash’s character. The director and the writer have done a good job of showing Rocky’s struggles and not merely ‘telling’ us about them. The writer has also done a splendid job of using even the minor characters to highlight Rocky’s rise. The non-linear pattern of storytelling too does a good job of keeping the fans hooked.
There are several mass dialogues and fight scenes in KGF and they are bound to excite the aam junta.
Yash is the focal point of KGF and he has done full justice to the most-challenging role of his career. His intensity in the action scenes is hard-to-miss and it adds a new dimension to the on-screen action. The director’s faith in the ‘Rocking Star’ has paid off big time.
The rest of the cast does a good job and supports Yash ably. Tamannaah’s song ups the glam quotient of KGF in a big way.
The cinematography is spot on and adds a dark and intense feel to the actions.
KGF is a well-made film and it has lived up to the expectations.

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