KGiSL BE student’s voice app gets Google approval

M Rafi Ahmed
In a creative and innovative way, a third year BE (Electronic and Communication Engineering) student of KGiSL Institute of Technology at Saravanampatti developed around 12 voice based apps like Google Assistant which got approved and are now deployed on the official google website.Meet Srimathi Jagadeesan, who is on cloud nine in getting recognition for her hard work. Despite failing in her first attempt, she put up a brave face to try again by reworking on her passion for chatbots developing. And words cannot express the amount of joy she derived after getting the nod from Google accepting her voice based app titled ‘Yoga Vibe’.How she developed a passion for this? Pat comes the reply from her that she craved for doing something different and thought out-of-the-box to develop chatbots/Artificial Intelligence more specifically voice based apps like Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri and Cortana. Interestingly,Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence–powered virtual assistant developed by Google that is primarily available on mobile and smart home devices.About her ‘Yoga Vibe’, she said that this voice application educates users on more than  ten different asanas with pictures. Her list of Google voice apps include ‘E-Learning Tech’, ‘Nutrient  Rich Food’, ‘Awesome Quotes’, ‘Humour Show’, ‘Poetry Quiz’, ‘RPA Quiz’, ‘Kotlin Quiz show’, ‘Motivate Yourself’, ‘The Relaxation Tune’, ‘Athlete Champs’, ‘Inventors Quiz’. Interestingly, all the apps have been recognised and deployed on Google website. Small beginnings are launching pad to great endings. 

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