Kim oversaw ‘long-range strike’ drill: state media

Los Angeles
May 10
Ana Lily Amirpour has been roped in to direct the female-fronted reboot of the action thriller “Cliffhanger”.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the director of “Bad Batch” will helm the modern take of the 1993 classic by Renny Harlin.
While casting is underway for a female lead, “Aquaman” star Jason Momoa is in talks for a cameo.
“We are setting out to create a thrill-ride on the mountain which taps into the primal side of an action movie, where you see what a person is capable of doing to survive in the most extreme situations, pushed to the limits,” Amirpour said.
Sascha Penn is writing the script.
Neal Moritz and Toby Jaffe will produce under their Original Film banner, alongside Thorsten Schumacher and partner Lars Sylvest for Rocket Science, who will also finance.

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