Kitten’s quack goes viral

Kitten’s quack goes viral

Kitten’s quack goes viral

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Netizens can’t stop obsessing over an adorable video of a kitten making a quack sound after it went viral on social media. The 23-second clip was shared on Facebook by Sarah Thornton, a volunteer at the Palm Valley Animal Center, Texas along with a caption that read, “Meet Melvin, a new little kitten who we met today at Palm Valley Animal Center in Edinburg, TX. Listen. To. That. Voice.”

The clip features a kitten who is yet to master the meow and his voice sounds a lot like a duck’s quack. “We heard a very unique meow when we entered the room and followed it to this surprising source,” Thornton told Newsflare.

Seems like the quack sound benefited Melvin, who was adopted this week, according to a post shared by the shelter’s Instagram handle. “Handsome little Melvin stole the heart of his new parents! He has 2 more brothers waiting for him at home to have loads of fun with.”

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