Kurkure milkshake!

Kurkure milkshake!

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Internet has never failed to surprise us, so did the netizens…In past few months, the Internet has presented many weird food combinations which left most disgusted – and some amused. From sweet Maggi to gulab jamun Pizza, videos or images of these weirdly fusion dishes created quite a stir online. Seems like, a Twitter user has found a new combination to add to the list of the reinvented dishes – Kurkure milkshake.

Expectedly, the image ended up sparking a wave of reactions among tweeple. Not just “appalled”, many commented that the image left them “horrified”.

Shared by a Twitter user on November 7, the image has collected tons of reactions from tweeple.

While some suggested the user to “deleted their account,” a few were extremely annoyed by the idea of Kurkure Milkshake. Hence, they dropped all sorts of comments on the post.

Though most took a cringe ride, a handful of tweeple came out to support the idea of this new dish. One Twitter user even called it “delicious.”

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