Last minute travel plans are on the rise!

People’s lives and schedules are often unpredictable and in many cases the days of planning travel several months in advance are long gone. Last-minute travel is the only way for some travelers to take a vacation or short getaway. Daniel D’souza, President & Country Head, Leisure, SOTC Travel says, “Professionals who have been unable to plan their holidays in advance make the most of long weekends to plan some leisure time. And many are increasingly seeking new and authentic experiences.”
Have you ever found yourself in a position where there is no time to plan a vacation? Sure you thought of riding to the nearest off beat location, taking a long drive to a cozy cottage at a hill station Or taking an overnight bus journey to the nearest city! In such situations travelling out of country is not in the cards. But Daniel says there are some destinations that require absolutely no prior preparations which includes applying for a visa too!
“ A number of popular destinations like Thailand, Bali, and Hong Kong have frequent flights from Chennai. So, finding flight availability for one of these destinations is not very difficult. Additionally, they also offer the facility of visa on arrival, and require almost no prior preparations. Another benefit is that airlines operate flights at very economical rates from Chennai; hence, customers do not have to pay a hefty amount on last moment bookings. Some airlines also offer discounts on last minute bookings that make last min travel plans favorable.”
There are 22 countries worldwide that offer on-arrival visa for Indians and all of them are tourist friendly. We asked Daniel what are the international destination people can travel to from Chennai as a last minute plan :
“Usually in case of last minute plans, travellers prefer to pick destinations that offer visa on arrival. Typically visa procedures take about 15 days to a month but some countries offer visa on arrival for Indian travellers, these include Nepal, Bhutan, Bali, Abu Dhabi, Maldives, Seychelles, Macau, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, and Mauritius. These places are also established tourist hubs, offering a range of experiences and attractions, at any time of the year.”
How many days are required at such locations? Working professionals have only a set number days for holiday!
“ An average of 3 nights and 4 days is ideal for short haul destinations. However, travellers should ideally spend atleast a week in places like Bali, Bhutan, Thailand, Cambodia, Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong. The size of the country, the number of tourist attractions and the diverse experiences available should be the criteria for deciding the duration of the trip. For instance, though the island of Bali is small, it offers everything from beaches to rainforests to volcanos. A traveller would require atleast 7 days to experience everything that Bali has to offer. “
Does SOTC provide any travel package that accommodates last minute travel plans?
“All of our packages can be personalised as per the needs of the travellers, with SOTC’s ‘On The Go’ feature. This provides travellers with a wide range of unique activities , excursions and experiences, that can be booked at the convenience of the traveller. , The feature also enables travellers to change their itinerary during the trip and make last minute additions and deletions. . For the new-age Indian traveller, a holiday abroad is like a personal adventure – a journey that opens the horizons of their mind and provides exposure to the world. Travellers are constantly looking for novel experiences that translate into enriching memories. Hence, we launched this offering to cater to the needs of the young travellers who usually plan last minute trips.”

-Trinity Mirror Travel desk

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