Lego train with 101 cars breaks record

New Zealand, Aug 14:

As a whopping record a New Zealand teenager earned a Guinness World Record when he used Lego pieces to build a toy train with 101 cars.

Alexander Blong, 14, of Auckland, said he was inspired by his boredom during COVID-19 lockdowns and the series Snow piercer to attempt to build a Lego train with 101 cars.

“I was bored, as most people were, and watching Netflix. There was this show I really liked called Snow piercer, which was about this really long train that goes around the globe,” Blong told The Guardian.

Blong said it took him about 50 hours to build the 82-foot-long train. His creation earned the Guinness World Record for most carriages in a toy train, beating the previous record by 32 carriages.

“This is truly incredible and inspires me to dream and create bigger projects,” he told Guinness World Records.

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