Lockdown paradox


Believe it or not. It will cost aid groups around $280 million to store and ship vital protective supplies as well as humanitarian workers and other personnel, according to WHO and World Food Program. Each month the world will need 100 million masks, 25 million respirators and 2.5 million diagnostic tests. Evidently the price

will sky rocket and faster production will be quality compromised.

The impact of Lockdown is also affecting the world in many other ways. More than 117 million children will miss out on measles vaccinations in the coming months as countries are forced to cancel immunization campaigns for preventable disease like polio, measles and Cholera.

The shutting of mobile clinics and hospitals in 64 countries will result in a shortage of contraceptives and HIV related medicine.

Now the month –long tentative lockdown is getting over and the government has slowly relaxed some restrictions and permitting some industries and business to reopen. Most of the immigrant workers have gone back to their native villages, and there will be a shortage of labour, especially for construction industries. But many epidemiologists believe that laxity in the shutdown at this stage when the infection is still spreading could be highly risky. The world is just not equipped to manage a second wave of corona infection.

The fact is people are growing restless without jobs and income. There are already signs of public discontentment and restlessness with increasing financial insecurity.

The government is in a dilemma to strike a balance between “saving lives” and “saving livelihoods.”

Frankly speaking, the cyclical trend of the virus shows that it is impossible to give exact figures on how many have been infected by corona and how many are carriers. Experts predict that corona will push half a billion into poverty.

What we are witnessing now is perhaps only the tip of the iceberg. A quick remedy may take at least a year or so. By that time, there may be initial chaos followed by a global outlook of coming together without pride, politics, conflicts and racism.

That is the only way for survival of humanity in future. Corona has taught a good lesson to all of us – nothing we possess, from nuclear armaments to missiles is worth anything.

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