Lucrative Latvia!

Surrounded by Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and the Baltic Sea is the nation of Latvia. The country is a blend of urban sights, like the capital of Riga, and scenic landmarks. From waterfalls to national parks, Latvia offers great views and plenty of outdoor activities. Beaches, forests and medieval villages compete for your attention, and the only answer is to see all the best places to visit in Latvia.

Town Hall Square

The Town Hall Square in Riga has always been the business center of the city and has been lovingly restored over the years. Many of the most famous buildings here sit on the square such as the House of the Blackheads, the Latvian Occupation Museum, and the Baroque Clock Tower that is part of the actual Town Hall. If you happen to be here in the winter make sure to check out the Christmas tree that is an annual feature of the square.

Seaside Open Air Museum

If you love all things nautical then make sure not to miss the Seaside Open Air Museum in Ventspils.Dedicated to fishing and boating, the museum has an impressive 24,000 exhibits on display including both an indoor and outdoor area.The outdoor section features 4 hectares that is dedicated to teaching people about ancient fishing techniques in the Kurzeme region from the 18th century onwards and you will also find replicas of traditional fishermen’s homes.

Naval Port Prison

The Naval Port Prison in Karosta is the only former military prison that is open to the public in Europe and was built in 1900 to house military inmates.The last prisoners left in 1997 and now you can visit the cells, the solitary confinement blocks, and the dedicated museum section that takes you through different periods of history such as World War Two and the Soviet Regime.If you are feeling adventurous there are even events that you can join such as the ‘Extreme Night’ show where you can actually spend the night in a prison cell or eat in the prison canteen.


On the eastern coast, on the Baltic Sea, is the city of Liepaja. Briefly the capital of Latvia during the First World War, Liepaja is really a city divided. One half of the city is the traditional center. The northern half is better known as Karosta, and it was once a secret Russian military town. As a result, the architecture of Liepaja changes depending on where you are in the city. Most visitors come to Liepaja for the spectacular white sand beaches. Vecliepaja and Dienvidrietumi are the two most popular beaches.

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