Magnus Carlsen crowns world championship in Rapid Style

The much awaited result between the defending champion Magnus Carlsen (Norway) and the challenger Fabiano Caruana came to an end yesterday with Carlsen producing an emphatic victory in the tie break decided via Rapid games. The classical portion of the match ended with 6-6 tie.
As per rule in a twelve game classical game who ever scores 6.5 points will be champion. The world championship match which started on the 9th of November in London started with a brisk note with the three times world champion Carlsen squandering away a winning chance in the inaugural round.
In a dominating position he let allowed his opponent to escape by misplacing is queen which none of Carlsen’s fans could digest. After missing a golden opportunity Magnus Carlsen could never strike out a victory in the next 10 games as well prepared Caruana stood like a rock.
As the match progressed many believed that Caruana might halt Carlsen’s dream run of retaining the title for the fourth time and emerge as the second American, next only to the legendry hero Bobby Fischer to crown the world chess championship.
The twelfth and the final game in classical format started with a bang in the opening and it was Carlsen who had a dynamic position throughout the game. When every one thought that Carlsen would call it a day Carlsen surprisingly offered a draw to settle the issue with 6-6 tie to move on to Rapid games.
Carslen who has never lost to any one in a tie break asserted his supremacy by handing over three straight victories over Caruana in the rapid game which is played in less than 60 minutes.
This is Carlsen’s 4th world championship title in a row. Earlier he has won the title defeating Viswananthan Anand twice in Chennai, India (2013), Sochi in Russia (2014) and again Karjakin in New York in USA. Eventually Carlsen turns 28 tomorrow (November 30). Happy Birthday 4 times world champion!

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