Man taken as hostage by bear survives

Man taken as hostage by bear survives

Man taken as hostage by bear survives

A man, half dead was found in a bear’s den by hunters in the Russian wilderness. It had been a month since the man had been dragged by a ferocious bear into its hideout. Known as Alexander, the man had a broken spine and was so badly injured, he looked mummified.

The hunters who discovered Alexander said it was a miracle that he survived. When the hunters looked inside the den, they found what they believed was a “human mummy” at first. They quickly realized that the mummy was actually still alive and dangerously close to death and immediately shifted him to the local hospital.

Alexander later told the doctors that he was overpowered by the bear, dragged to its den and kept for later and that he fed on his own urine to survive.

The doctors believe that the bear could have been foraging for food for itself or its young when it encountered Alexander and decided to make a long-term meal out of him.

Though in a very mutilated state, the doctors have confirmed that Alexander has crossed the danger zone and will survive.

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