Man’s pre-wedding video risks his job


A Rajasthan police officer was issued a warning thanks to a pre-wedding video which showed him accepting a bribe while in uniform. The officer, who was identified only as Dhanpat in the video, is presently posted in the Udaipur district of the state.

The pre-wedding video that was uploaded on YouTube in July shows the police official on traffic duty stopping his to-be bride who is riding on a two-wheeler without a helmet.

She then offers him a ‘bribe’ which he asks her to put in his pocket, but he later realises that she had picked his pocket while paying the bribe. According to the video, the two then meet again for her to return the wallet and they fall in love.

However, senior police officials reportedly took a dim view of the video and the police official was issued a warning, according to reports. Reports said that the notice was issued by the Inspector General of Law and Order, who emphasised the conduct and importance of maintaining the decorum of the uniform. The notice also reportedly mentioned the negative impact it could have on the police department.

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