Mary Kom- A marvel with gloves

S. Thyagarajan
Accolades from the President, the Prime Minister and celebrities in the world of sport and entertainment across the length and breadth of the country mirrored the magnitude of the feat and the stature of the pugilist “the magnificent Mary”, whose phenomenal achievement of conquering the sixth gold medal in the World Championship became a reality on Saturday.
It is difficult to relate, recall or equate any other performance by an Indian in any area of India’s sporting history. Mary Kom’s string of half a dozen gold medals since 2001 in the summit of women’s boxing is in a way incredible and unlikely to be emulated for a long time to come.
Reared amidst the pastoral ambience of Manipur, Mary had to overcome many a hurdle in her progress to stardom in a world of cruel competition. Twice blessed as she was with inborn talent suited to the sport and supported by the indomitable will of a warrior Mary has etched a new dimension to women’s boxing, which is unique and utterly innovative with commendable range of improvisation.
There is nothing that Mary Kom has left without winning. She has medals in the Asian Games and continental championships, the Commonwealth Games, the Olympics and of course the World Championships. The wide array of medals at different locales with commendable consistency even in a higher weight class underscored her temperament and technique that she adjusted to opponents.
Mary Kom symbolises today the power of women in sport and stands as a shining example to demonstrate how grit, determination and the required passion to achieving a goal are the avenues to the threshold of fame. She also confirmed that age is no barrier to accomplishing a task.
A house-wife and a mother of three, Mary Kom, at 35, is not only a magnificent sportswoman but a marvellous specimen of energy, enterprise and efficiency, all fused into one frame to elevate the whole aspect of boxing into a realm of art that cuts into new areas excellence every time she enters the ring.

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