Mauritius, land of sapphire waters

Mark Twain once wrote that ‘Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius’. For the most part, it’s true: Mauritius is rightly famed for its sapphire waters, powder-white beaches and luxury resorts. But there’s so much more attractive to Mauritius than the beach, and it’s the kind of place that rewards even the smallest attempts at exploration. There’s hiking in the forested and mountainous interior and world-class diving and snorkelling offshore. There are boat trips to near-perfect islets and excursions to botanical gardens and colonial plantation houses. Mauritius is a fabulous culinary destination with great wildlife watching thrown in. And the real Mauritius away from the beach resorts – a hot curry of different cultures and quiet fishing villages – is never far away.
Tips For Shopping In Mauritius
Bargain’ is not the word: Although bargain will take you places in Mauritius, it is recommended not to overdo it. Avoid excessive bargaining as it is not much appreciated in this island nation.
Skip factory shops: Prices at factory shops are similar to the retail ones/ government shops and usually stack the same clothes. So avoid them and walk down the Port-Louis Street for buying cheaper stuff.
Don’t shop at the Port-Louis Central market: Buying spices from this market should be avoided. Rather buy some from the local supermarket. Also, don’t buy craft stuff from sellers of this market as such items are fake. Prices here are sky high, even bargaining won’t help.
Adrenaline junkies can enjoy several water sports and adventure activities in Mauritius. Take a glance at the most sought after ones here –
Skydiving: Skydiving is possible if winds are favourable. Strong winds make skydiving rest, especially in winters. The only operator offering skydiving in Mauritius at present is Skydive Austral Mauritius.
Underwater sea walk: Best places to try underwater sea walking in Mauritius are Trou d’eau Douce and Port Louis. Don’t take your kids for this activity if they are below 10 years of age.
Deep Sea Fishing: Try it at Grand Bay and Black River.
Dolphin Spotting and Whale Watching: Try at Coast of Tamarin. Dolswim is a recommended operator. They offer a second ride for free if you don’t encounter dolphins during the first.
When in Mauritius, do as the Mauritians do.Mauritians are social people and it is appreciated if you greet them politely. Bonjour and Namaste are the greetings that Mauritians use.Although Mauritians are tolerant, Mauritius is a conservative culture. When visiting any of the places of worship, do not show much skin. Women are recommended to cover up their skirts with a sarong.There are no nudist public beaches in Mauritius. Going topless on beaches is frowned upon.Mauritians are friendly people and are proud of their country. Do not offend the locals by saying anything offending about the culture, food, or region.To summarize, Mauritius is a marvellous tourist maze that allows you to tread on terrific trails and create wonderful memoirs. With the tips, tricks, and hacks listed above, you can enjoy a holiday on your terms and conditions. Indulge in comfort and pleasure with these smart moves and rejoice in a smooth and unchallenging trip. If you have any query regarding your Mauritius trip, leave it in the comments’ section. We’ll be happy to answer and assist you.

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