‘Mega Death’ meal on menu!

‘Mega Death’ meal on menu!

‘Mega Death’ meal on menu!

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We eat to live. But, would we ever dare to eat something with the very name ‘Mega Death’ meal? The answer will be a quick no.

A Scottish chef is offering a takeaway experience like no other with a ‘Mega Death’ munchie box full of fried food at his restaurant Wee Man’s Kitchen in Victoria, Australia.

This munchie box provides a calorific option that combines several different fast foods such as chips, curry, fried pizza, eight hot buffalo wings, Haggis pakora, two battered sausages, seekh kebabs, cheddar slaw, chicken tikka and a selection of sauces – including HP ‘broon’ sauce tucked in a 12-inch pizza box for $50 which is around Rs.3,400 on Indian money, which could give one a beautiful heart attack.

According to the menu, this mega creation will feed two “starving” people or is enough for four if you’re feeling “caring”.

The entire feast is thought to contain more than 4,000 calories, which is double our average daily consumption, with women needing only 2,000 a day and men needing 2,500.

The idea behind the Munchie box is for you to get a bit of everything from the fish and chip shop, local Indian or kebab shop in a single sit. It seems like when it comes to food even health takes the back bench.

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