‘Micro air abrasion’ tech to preserve antiques in Goa

Mar 7
Precious archaeological antiques in Goa will now be preserved in a better way with the help of the Italian ”micro air abrasion” cleaning technology, an official has said.
The modern technology is already being used worldwide for various conservation purposes, he said.
“Goa is the first state in the country to try the use of this technology for cleaning archaeological antiques,” the official from the archives and archaeology department claimed.
The coastal state has a rich collection of old artefacts and antiques, including from the Portuguese era.
The micro air abrasion technology, so far being used in the industrial sector for cleaning heavy machines, is a minimum invasive technique to preserve objects without causing any physical harm, the official said.
“As a pilot project, the technology will be used for the upkeep of antiques and artefacts at the historic Cabo de Rama fort in South Goa district and Reis Magos Fort and Khorjuvem Fort in North Goa district,” he said.
This cleaning technology scores over the traditional sand blasting method as it is “much safer and helps in preserving objects for a longer period”, he added.

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