Monkey fixes leaking pipe

Monkey fixes leaking pipe

Monkey fixes leaking pipe

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There are times when animals literally prove that they are far better than humans and here is one such example, Niharika Singh Panjeta, a Twitter user, posted the fourteen-second video with a significant caption which features the monkey, sitting beside a pipe with water gushing out of it, as he attempts to fix the leakage with dry leaves.

“If other beings of the #wild can have such #grace, #intelligence and #sensitivity …then I really don’t know what went wrong with us #humans #whoaretherealanimals,” Niharika’s caption reads.

With over 3,000 views and around 500 likes, the video has been shared across Twitter widely as netizens opined in the comments section that “humans are the most unethical species, with the most unnatural life-style, on this planet.”

“Excellent Image to indicate how animals take steps to save Water – Why not humans,” another user wrote.

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