Munnar, misty marvel

Munnar,  misty marvel

Munnar, misty marvel

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One of the most popular hill stations located in beautiful state of Kerala in South India, Munnar, houses mountains, emerald green forests, painting-like tea plantations, and rolling hills. It is often termed as the King of Hill Stations in India. It has the beauty to captivate the tourists within minutes of their arrival.
Kolukkumalai Tea
Very few experiences in Munnar you get that comes close to the rejuvenation that you get standing at the top of the Kolukkumalai Peak at sunrise, where on one side are miles and miles of tea plantations on the rolling hills, the other side hosts a beautiful sunrise, making it one of the best tourist attraction of Munnar. The peak gets engulfed with clouds on some days giving it a picturesque view.
Anayirangal Dam:
‘Anayirangal’ refers to elephants coming down to drink water. Wild elephants come down here from time to time and have a playful time with water in the dam.Pleasant boating experience can be taken here with scenic views of the western ghat ranges and waterfalls. Listening to the flowing water singing the adagio music with the cool breeze will astound you. Anayirangal Dam is excellent for taking pictures and videos as this destination offers a photogenic nature.
Neelakurinji flowers:
Neelakurinji one of the exotic floras mainly found in the grasslands of the forests. Once every 12 years, the hills of Munnar turn blue. People flock in great numbers to view the blooming of the Neelakurinji. This flowers bloomed lately in 2018 and is expected to blossom by 2030. The world awaits the turning of the Munnar range into a blanket of beautiful blue. It is easily among the most magnificent sights in the world.

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